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Ruediger Dahlke


Born in East Berlin, Ruediger Dahlke attended high school in Freising and studied medicine in Munich, where he also received his doctorate. The many extensive travels that he began undertaking even as a  teenager while still at school served to deepen his connection to spirituality – an aspect which still strongly characterizes his holistic "Integral Medicine" approach to this day. As a general practitioner of naturopathic medicine, he learned about various forms of psychotherapy and medicine and worked together with Thorwald Dethlefsen for 12 years. Subsequently, with his first wife Margit, he founded the Heilkunde-Zentrum in Johanniskirchen, which still continues to offer shadow therapy under her direction. In 2010, the income generated from his many books and talks enabled him to set up the TamanGa seminar and guest center in southern Austria. The centre offers nature retreats founded upon the wholesome, plant-based nutrition concept described in his Peace Food series of books. During the winter months, he spends his time in Cyprus writing books that deal with topics that are inspired by the questions posed by his audience during the rest of the year. In this respect, it is actually his audience that he has to thank for his many books, which are currently available in over 28 languages, as well as for the TamanGa center that grew out of them.  

The seminars and training programs that are offered there, as well as those that are increasingly being offered online have influenced people from many different nationalities. In addition, the social media posts covering his basic philosophies, as well as those related to current topics of interest are now reaching millions in other countries throughout the world. 

My Life
Ruediger Dahlke mission


Life is neither black nor white. Those who try to compress it into just these two contrasting poles will simply tear open rifts that lead to trench warfare. How infinitely more beautiful and inspiring is it to instead unearth the treasure chest of a colourful life, all the while taking advantage of the myriad opportunities that life provides and allowing its full potential to unfold. Every person has their own individual talents. Discovering these and passing on the gifts entailed in them to others is what I would like to inspire people to do so that they can give these gifts not only to themselves but also to the world, and in doing so, live a fulfilled life.

The Indians refer to life as “Lila” – the cosmic game. I feel that it is both our task, and at the same time, also a wonderful opportunity for us to realize who we are through play.

In my well over 40 years as a doctor, I have been richly blessed. The combination of fasting and the wholesome, plant-based diet advocated in Peace Food, along with connected breathing and the psychosomatics of illness (as described in “The Healing Power of Illness” and “Disease as a Symbol”) has allowed me to discover an approach to medicine that first connects the body with the soul and then both of these with their overarching spiritual dimension. That this approach has helped so many people along the way is something that makes the doctor in me very happy.


In the words I write and speak, I seek to pass on my personal understanding of what constitutes a fulfilled life, what an approach to medicine that aims to achieve such fulfilment should look like, as well as the philosophical basis that underlies everything in the form of the laws of fate and derive great enjoyment from doing so. That so many have chosen to follow me in all of this and have thereby made the life I lead possible for me for so many decades, fills me with immense gratitude, which makes thinking also a form of thanking! 

My Mission


I have presented my motivation for writing in great detail in the E-book "Mein Weg - Weiser" (My Way-Wiser), which I was able to provide as a pdf for my readers in German for free, but certainly not for nothing. For those who are able to read German, you are welcome to browse through it and be inspired by my experiences along your own path. It is available for download as part of the free starter package that you can sign up for at

In that book, I describe and explain how the seventy and more books that I have written so far came about including the shadow aspects associated with them – as well as why I am still so happy to continue writing, if my audience continues to keep reading what I write. A few old pictures taken along the way with the various travel companions who accompanied me, combined with many (hopefully) valuable tips of mine for your own path may make it possible for this small book to also become a kind of travel guide to help you make your own way - wiser.


For those who are able to read German, I would be very happy if you first treat yourself to it, then pass it on to others by giving it away, linking to it and recommending it further. I would be even happier if those who are fluent in both English and German might choose to donate some of their time to translating all or parts of it into English so that it can be made available to a wider audience as a communal project in and of itself (*).


In this way, the field of contagious good health – an old dream of mine – would continue to grow – both in and around each and every one of us – thereby improving first our own life as individuals and then connecting with other lives – in an ever-expanding state of connectedness that we need today more than ever. It is up to each of us to create this for ourselves, but none of us needs to do it alone. We can all stick together and help (ourselves and each other) instead. This is how small islands of contagious good health, can emerge, expand and eventually grow together into something larger even in the neediest of societies.

I thank each and every one of you for your help as individuals, as well as for your help as part of larger communities. The ability to reach out to others and help them further in the words that I write and speak is a source of great joy for me.

(*) Please contact us at if you are interested in being involved in this project.

Ruediger Dahlke
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